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How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend Fall in Love with You Again Even If You Messed Up

6 December 2013 No Comment

How to make your ex boyfriend/girlfriend fall in love with you again? If you are asking this question, it simply implies that you want a simple answer that works immediately, don’t you? Things aren’t the way they used to be since you broke up with your lover. You can’t imagine living without the one you loved. You are smart and you recognize that sometimes breakup happen for the good of couples. You know that quite well, but you believe that it’s not the case in your relationship. You truly love your ex and fell they are the one for you. But the relationship has ended. It’s heartbreaking and this puts you in a state of confusion but it’s not going to remain like this forever. It’s not impossible to get back together with your lover and make him or her fall in love with you again. Therefore, it’s very important you know some psychological tricks you can use to push your ex’s emotional hot button to get them to come crawling back to you.

The first thing you must do to make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love with you again is to reinvent yourself. This doesn’t imply acting differently other than who you are. It simply means you need to turn out to be the person you are known for. Reminisce about when your ex   initially fell in love with you. You need to become that person for them all over again. If you used to be even-tempered and playful and now you have turned out to be more bad-tempered and serious, you need to become who you were when both of you initially started dating. Something made your ex fall in love with you then and you can rekindle the love they have for you by using those same qualities.

Another thing you must do to make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love with you again is give them space. Taking some time away from your partner can be easier said than done, particularly if you are bothered that he/she has began dating someone else. It’s important though. The fact is that right after a breakup you’ll be emotional and confused and so your thinking won’t be clear, and the same goes for your partner. This is possible even in instances when your partner makes it clear that they don’t have feeling for you anymore. The same way everything in life changes, feelings changes as well and so they can fall back in love with you even if they have fallen out of love. In order to make them realize how much your relationship and you mean to them, you need to give them time and space. Make it a point to never call your partner until you two have had time to think. Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection…even if your situation seems hopeless! Click here to learn exactly how to get your ex back.

Making your ex jealous may seem like a good idea to make your ex boyfriend/girlfriend fall in love with you again. You probably think that making an arrangement for your ex to see you with someone else will make them realize their mistakes and come begging you to take them back. The probability that this will work is very slim. This will simply make your ex conclude wrongly that you have moved on and don’t want to have anything to do with them. This may also make them heartbroken, by assuming that you forgot all about them because they meant very little to you. If you still adore and love your ex and hope to reconcile with them, don’t date anyone new.

Furthermore, you need to forgive and forget if you want a second chance with your ex.  If the breakup was as a result of disagreement, you must decide to never let it come up in the new relationship you aspire to have with your lover. Forgetting about the past and focusing on the present is important for you to have the relationship you desire. I know this is a difficult thing to do, but you must make effort to get it done. Remember how much your partner means to you and also take into consideration that no one is above mistake.

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