Main Causes of Brown Spots and Skin Darkening

Our skin is one of our dearest belongings. It serves many functions and represents protection, health, and beauty. These are just a few of the reasons that we as humans strive to keep our skin as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, there are many things in our environment and even our diets that cause imperfections that can ruin the look and feel of our skin. Dark patches (underarms) and brown spots (simple pigmentation or freckles) are just a couple of the most common skin conditions we face and sadly, there are many more!

A myriad people from across the planet, regardless race, color, creed, or the environment that they live in, have to face these common problems daily. To know how to efficiently treat these issues and prevent further skin damage, we must comprehend the causes of these issues. Here are a few of the main causes for skin discoloration:

1. The Sun
If there were only one cause of getting dark spots on your skin, it would be the sun. The reason the sun causes our skin so much grief is due to melanin; the substance in our skin that gives it a rich, dark color. It is created in greater quantities when we give our skin excessive exposure to the sun (that’s why sunscreen is so important). The areas of our body that get the most exposure are the areas that are most affected by dark sports and premature aging; face, shoulders, back and chest. Because of this exposure, dark patches, discoloration and spots on our skin are more likely to appear due to the increased production of melanin.

2. Hormone Imbalance
Another source that leads to dark spots on the skin is hormonal imbalance. Mostly, it is women who face this problem and it happens most often during or after a pregnancy. Having estrogen treatments has caused skin issues with many women as well.

3. Age
Time is a cruel, cruel mistress. Not only does it cause wrinkles and sometimes dryness, it can also leave our bodies covered in ugly dark spots. Many people have health, glowing skin all of their lives and then boom! Time has flown by and their age causes their skin to change and they suddenly have dark spots on their skin.

4. Acne, Rashes & Bruises
Another major cause of skin discoloration or spots is caused by acne, wounds, rashes or bruises. These things leave marks on our skin. Scars from these things are usually the underlying cause, but there are also cases where bruises or wounds never fully “heal” and they leave behind dark spots on our skin. Be wary of picking at acne or blackheads. Excessive squeezing plays a major role in changing our skin tone.

The above are just a few the underlying sources which leave our skin with dark spots or discoloration. It is extremely important for you to understand which cause led to the spots on your skin in order for you to know which treatment you should use to remove dark spots from your skin. Each of the causes above has a specialized treatment which you must follow to be successful in ridding your skin from these spots for good!

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