The Diabetes Cure Big Pharma is Hiding From You

“96% of Type 2 patients were able to stop taking medication in a matter of weeks and 80% completely eliminated their neuropathy pain.”9

Their blood sugar normalized and they didn’t need to watch their blood sugar anymore.

“80% were able to stop ALL medication after only twenty six days”7.

“Scientists uncovered a monumental 86% drop in diabetes deaths after a simple dietary change.”1

The quotes above aren’t science fiction. They are science fact. These are the results of a multitude of studies spanning thousands of diabetes patients to finally discover a cure for diabetes. The findings were so spectacular, that they were hushed up and never mentioned again.

Let me say that again. The findings were so groundbreaking and could be so destructive to the business model of the pharmaceutical industry that they have been suppressing them ever since.

Why is it that you have never heard about these cheap, easy and effective diabetes busting methods?

The simple answer is money. Once you start digging into the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry, you discover the monumental profits drug companies enjoy simply by treating diabetics for life. There are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and they are not about to jeopardize them by releasing this life-saving information for everyone to use.

Think about it; every time you visit your doctor he makes money, every drug you take makes the pharmaceutical companies money, every shot, pill injection, blood sugar monitor you use makes these companies lots and lots of money. You are a life-long cash cow for big pharma. You have to keep buying their drugs, pills, and other accessories for life!

If you kicked your diabetes butt goodbye, if you eliminated your need to take diabetes medication, if your blood sugar normalized all on its own, the pharmaceutical companies would go bankrupt. This is why they have absolutely no incentive to help you. They don’t want you to find out the drug-free methods to normalize blood sugar, stop your neuropathy pain and avoid all those diabetes complications waiting for you down the road. Their only goal is to prescribe as many drugs as possible and keep you hooked on them as long as possible. Preferably until you die a painful diabetes induced death.

Drug companies have immense infuence in the healthcare industry, they lobby politicians and give kickbacks and bonuses to doctors for prescribing their drugs. It becomes very appealing for doctors to simply prescribe drugs while avoiding other more effective methods. Your doctor can show you how to eliminate your diabetes once, and then never see you as a patient again. Or he can sign you up on a reigmen of drugs, insulin injections and other medical interventions and keep you as a customer for life.

That’s not even the worst part. Not only are diabetes drugs ineffective, they are extremely dangerous too. Over 100,000 people die every single year from drugs properly prescribed by their doctor. Not only could your diabetes kill you, the drugs you are taking could take you down any day too.

It doesn’t look like anything is working; the drugs you are taking for your diabetes are not making it better, the rates of diabetes are rising at an astounding rate – a 200% increase over the last decade, and tens of thousands of people are still dying from this disease.

And yet the first thing doctors do when a new diabetic comes to their office is give them a bunch of pills and injections. Pills that have never worked and will never work to eliminate your diabetes. A great man once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Isn’t it time to actually try something else? Something that has been scientifically proven to work better, faster and safer than prescription drugs and insulin injections?

Scientists have already found how to reverse diabetes. They discovered which simple foods – found right in your grocery store normalize blood sugar and help patients get off their diabetes drugs for good. There are countless studies, performed on tens of thousands of people that saw miraculous results. Blood sugar normalized, neuropathy pain went away, and doctors took their patients off their diabetes medication and insulin injections.

After years of suffering with type 2 diabetes, I have decided to investigate these treatment methods. Could it be true that the cure to diabetes exists? Could millions of people be saved from early death?

Before I could even start to check these facts, I had to get access to medical journals that publish these findings. After extensive research, months of inquiry and hundreds of hours spent pouring over the scientific documents, I wasn’t getting anywhere. The problem was that I wasn’t a scientist. I could barely understand any of the scientific terms or fancy jargon I was reading.

This is when my editor recommended I find someone who can put all this scientific mumbo jumbo into easy to understand language. After input from our readers, we were referred to a group of doctors led by a striking young man named Max Sidorov who heads the ‘International Council for Truth in Medicine’ (The ICTM) – a group that has already assembled the decades of research, studies and knowledge into an easy to read and use health guide called The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie“. They’ve already been using this guide to treat their diabetic patients with astounding results. Their claim was simple: They promise to reverse your diabetes or your money back.

The “7 Steps to Health” is now available on Amazon and has very good reviews from everyone who’s tried it.

I caught up with Max and interviewed him about the book. He told me that he has been studying the healthcare field for many years, has traveled to Asia, Russia, across North and South America in his quest to find the truth. He has collaborated with countless doctors, naturopaths, scientists, physicians, dieticians and former diabetics who after decades of being sick were able to finally stop taking their drugs to the disbelief of their doctors, family and friends.

Max and the doctors at the ICTM combined their findings into the 7 Steps to Health after examining and analyzing hundreds of relevant scientific studies and research papers proving it is possible to eliminate diabetes using simple dietary changes – not drugs, pills or injections. And they’ve been using this guide on their patients with astounding results.

I still couldn’t believe it. I thought that diabetics have to take drugs and injections for the rest of their lives. And here they were saying that this is all a lie?

I decided to be a guinea pig and test their methods out on myself. I got their book – which is a whopping 540 pages filled with life changing eye-opening information, step by step instructions, studies, examples and tips. I couldn’t put it down after I started reading. My world was slowly being tipped on its head. Everything that I’ve ever known about the medical field, the pharmaceutical companies, how drugs and doctors work was a sham!

Once I got the basics down, I decided to record my results:

Week One:

I was still skeptical, but I wanted this to work so I started following everything to a T. One of the first things I learned was to start reading the ingredients in the food I ate and which ingredients to watch out for. It was quite startling when I realized how much awful stuff is in most packaged foods. After spending more than two hours at the grocery store reading all the ingredients lists, I was shocked at the amount of utter crap we are being fed. I started picking different brands and discovered that there are so many healthy alternatives to most unhealthy foods; and they weren’t more expensive as I first thought. My bill ended up being nearly the same – but with one big difference, the food I now had was way healthier than what I ate before. This first week I am starting out with Blood sugar of 221 and A1C of 9.27

Week Two:

I totally stopped drinking soda this week, even the diet ones as those are even more unhealthy than the regular stuff! Have also started eating more avocadoes, coconut butter and some amazing crackers. I am feeling great! Blood sugar has dropped to 214 and A1C to 8.9 now. After the second week of following the 7 Steps to Health, my energy level was definitely up, and I started to sleep more soundly. I actually couldn’t believe how easy the adjustment period went. I began eating the required veggies while supplementing with some vitamins, and I wasn’t even hungry for snacks.

I felt absolutely fantastic.

Week Three:

After three weeks of following the 7 Steps, I felt even more energy, It’s like I received brand new batteries. I began to wake up earlier, I have more time to prepare breakfast for my wife and grand-kids and I’m sleeping much better than before. I no longer wake up during the night tossing and turning because my body is now actually able to relax (this is a result of eating well). My blood sugar is now 181 and A1C is 8.18. Plus I notice that I am even losing weight! I managed to lose 5 pounds so far!

I must admit that I’m starting to believe that Max is really on to something. I’ve never seen such drastic results even with the crazy diets that my doctor recommended.

Week Five:

After 5 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished. My blood sugar is now 128 and A1C is 6.1. After visiting my doctor he even told me that if I keep this up, in a few weeks he will take me off ALL medication. This amazing news alone was worth it and I am now working harder than ever to for the first time in my life stop taking my diabetes meds. My energy levels remain steady throughout the day, I no longer need that cat nap around 3pm in the afternoon and I am even noticing that my stomach is digesting food much better. No bloating or embarrassing gas after I eat. What’s even more interesting is that i don’t need as much coffee as I used to in the morning because I am sleeping better through the night.

I noticed that in I’m no longer so tired in the evenings, and have lots of energy left over to play with the grand-kids and spend some time with my wife before bed time.

Week Eight:

After the eighth week, my final results were shocking. My blood sugar is now 93!!! Just a few days ago my doctor took me off ALL of my meds, told me to stop insulin injections and said that I don’t need to check my blood sugar as often anymore! I am ecstatic. I did not believe this was possible. My doctor said that my cholesterol has gone down to normal healthy levels and blood sugar is now normalized. Who would have thought that proper diet could have such an amazing impact on health? When saying goodbye to my doc, he told me that I was healthier now than when I first started seeing him – 15 years ago.

The best part of all of this though, is that I now have the energy to play with my grand-kids.

I am now free of doctor visits, free from medicaiton, free from blood sugar monitoring and I am free from this disease!!!! Thank you Max!

I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

No more diabetes, No more extra weight.
No Diets, No Pills, No Injections.

If you are tired of popping useless pills, tired of the constant blood sugar monitoring, and ready to break free from this disease, I urge you to give the 7 Steps to Health a try today.

They have a two month money-back guarantee. So what’s your excuse for not jumping on it now?

The groundbreaking book is now available on Amazon and has spectacular reviews!

Click here to visit the 7 Steps to Health website

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