Separated From Husband But Still Sleeping Together: Is It Ok To Sleep With Your Spouse While Separated

There are a lot of couples who still have sex after separation. Most of such coupes feel they are doing something awful and probably making a big mistake. Believe me, it isn’t. Come to think of it, this seems right. You’re used to sleeping with your spouse and enjoy it. So, you are definitely going to miss it when you stop having sex with them. Also, it’s absolutely normal to want to be intimate when you’re lonely, afraid and uncertain about where your marriage is headed.

This shouldn’t hurt you, as long as you both clearly agree on what the sex means and nobody feels taken for granted. That, of course, is the bases of your physical connection. While having sex during separation is common, having sex with a clear agreement is not. People are more confused than ever after the encounter. And many (especially wives) feel taken for granted by their spouse.

Someone might say: “I have been separated from my husband for six weeks. My husband treated me badly for the first couple of those weeks. He stopped talking to me completely and won’t answer my calls. He told our mutual friends that I caused the separation and that I was self-centered. This is untrue, but he obviously wanted to turn our friends against me. Anyway, I met my husband at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago at a birthday party of a friend. So many people were present. We had a few drinks and laughed. Then we found ourselves at our house having sex. I thought it was just this once and my husband will become distance again. However, the next day he called and asked me to dinner. From that time, we have been seeing each other and having sex frequently.  Most of our mutual friends are saying that I’m being used by my husband. They say he’s simply having “booty calls” and then go back to being cold again. I can relate to what they are saying, but I think this is unfair. It’s not as if he avoids me after having sex or refuse to call. He calls even after we have sex. As a matter of fact, we have talked and laughed on the phone for the last two days. This didn’t involve sex. We only just talked. However, I feel they might be right. Could he be using me and probably become distance again once he satisfies his sexual urge?” Separated From Husband But Still Sleeping Together: Is It Ok To Sleep With Your Spouse While Separated.

Well, it’s possible for anything to happen. But for now, I can say that he’s contributing more than just sex. You both are talking and it appears that there is progress.

Your True Worry and A Possible Solution: Perhaps, you worry thattheremight be no progress made if there was no sex. You can test that if you are so bothered about that. Try discussing this with your spouse. You could even let him know that you are worried that your relationship is simply based on sex and see his reaction. If he stops contacting you once the sex stops, then this is a problem.

However, you must completely analyze the situation. We aren’t talking about a fling here but your husband. This isn’t a stranger you just met and had sex with. You have an emotional connection with this man. So, you’ll be wrong to think that he’ll sleep with you and disappear – never to contact you again. If the marriage comes to an end, the sex isn’t what caused it – although the sex might bring about confusion. And this state of confusion may cause misunderstanding, which can threaten any progress being made.

I’ll suggest that, if anything makes you uncomfortable and gives you concern, you can choose to either be honest with your spouse or test it out. So, you could let your husband know what your friend said and ask him to assure you. Or you could tell him you want to stop having sex with him for now until you are sure of the future of your marriage. Whatever technique you use, you’ll get more information.

This is just an opinion of one person. For me, if a man isn’t romantically interested in his wife and just wants sex, he could get it from other women. There is a likelihood that he’s lonely and misses you. Does this mean that you’ll immediately reconcile with him? Not necessarily, but it indicates that he still has feelings for you. And this is definitely a good sign.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself: I think it’s how you feel about the whole process. Do you feel your spouse is taking advantage of you? Or have you decided this is what you want not considering the outcome?

The answers to these questions are imperative for the reason that if you’re feeling used but not putting a stop to it, it shows you are weak. Nevertheless, if you know that despite the fact that you can’t tell where your marriage is headed, but you decided to continue having sex with him because it’s what you want, you’re simply showing your strength. It’s always good to ask your spouse question for clarification if you aren’t sure about anything. Simply do it politely and in a cheerful manner. You’ll be uncomfortable with the sex if you don’t ask him to analyze it. Or you can stop the sex and see what happens. This will also give you more information.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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