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What Men Find Attractive – 4 Surprising Traits

Have you ever wondered why some women attract men like honey to bees? Have you ever compared yourself to other woman thinking that you have more going on but she gets more attention? Do you spend so many hours on your look but it seems not enough?

Well, there are certain traits and attributes that men find attractive in women. You have to remember that what men find attractive differs. Attraction is, essentially, a matter of preference. Some finds intelligence as an attractive trait while others are more drawn to women with a certain look. However, there are certain traits that men find attractive that might surprise you.

Sense of Humor

Although not many may think it but sense of humor is an important trait that men find attractive too. By showing them you have a sense of humor, it shows that you are fun-loving. It also lets them know that you can laugh at their jokes no matter how silly it is. You do not have to be always funny to be attractive to men. What men find attractive is someone who can understand and laugh with them. Men like to laugh too, you know.


Gone are the days when men are looking for women who just do what they say. Men are now looking for women who are intelligent and confident. Intelligence does not mean just being intellectual or book smart. You do not have to be a philosopher or know so many words in the dictionary. The kind of intelligence that makes men respond to a woman is their ability to be present. This means you are sharp, witty and responsive. What men define intelligence is a woman’s ability to

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Integrity is another trait that you might find surprising what men find attractive in women. Men find women attractive that respect themselves. A woman may be tall, beautiful or physically attractive but it all boils down to what her core values are. You must remember that men sometimes group women they meet into – those that they can have fun with and those they can bring to their mother.


Leonardo da Vinci once said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This is absolutely true particularly with men. What men find attractive in simple women is that they feel more comfortable with them. They feel that they can be themselves when they are with these kinds of women and this is important. Simple does not mean being a “Plain Jane”, although there is nothing wrong with being one. Although men may be drawn to women who are “hot”, they tend to form long term relationships with simple or modest women.


Yes, dependency is another trait that men find attractive. This does not mean letting the man do all the work or depending on a man to do everything for you. A clingy woman is not what they are looking for. Dependency means giving them the opportunity to being protective and helpful. You do not have to be Miss Independent all the time. Show them that there are still some things that you are depending on them for.

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