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What To Do When Women Approach You First

As you know, a lot of energy is spent by guys all over the world on figuring out how to approach women.

And lately, there’s also been quite a bit of talk about the idea of getting women to approach us first.

That’s all well and good, although I’ll stand firmly by my statement that a woman respects a man more who approaches her first, at least under “normal” circumstances.

But hey…I’ll be the first to admit that there are some bold, spunky chicks out there who will indeed come right up to you and strike up a conversation.

I’m not talking about your next waitress and/or flight attendant, either (although what I’m about to share with you would be equally useful in that case). What I mean is a woman breaking the ice with you right out of the blue, maybe even surprising you a bit in the process.

So here’s the big question:  What are you going to do when that happens?

Have you ever even thought about it?

By now you know that I’m not particularly big on “openers” or “pick-up lines”, at least as most people understand and define them.

But if a woman “opens” YOU, the very first word out of your mouth had better not be “duh”…right?

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So it’s an excellent idea to have an instant response that’s ready to go, on demand.

This topic actually came up during a coaching call the other night, and here’s a foolproof one that even a caveman could manage:

“Wow, I’m impressed.  That was a great excuse to start a  conversation with me.”

As simple and elegant as the statement is, it combines confidence, playfulness, well-placed approval (without overwhelm), and is not too wordy.

Correctly stated, it’s delivered in a genuine way without any hint of sarcasm or snarkiness, of course.

In one simple motion you’ve welcomed her to help her feel safe and you’ve flirted just enough to make it known that you recognize the presence of sexual polarity.

But here’s the GOLDEN part of it all:  In some mystical, magical way you’ve also exerted an unquestionable measure of leadership and control, even though she spoke to you first.


Now, no matter what she says in response to you at that point, your next move is simply to tell her your name.

Preferably, introduce yourself with the minimum two words necessary:

  “I’m [Your First Name Here].”

I’ve figured out that it’s HOT to women when guys do that as sort of a delayed reaction after a conversation has already begun.

From there she’ll likely introduce yourself.  

What do you know?  You’ll have made sure that the conversation got rolling with skill and ease instead of giving her the dreaded “deer in the headlights look”.  Sweetness.

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