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What to Talk To A Girl about – Nice Things to Say to A Girl You Like

what to talk to a girl aboutWhat to talk to a girl about is one major problem a lot of guys encounter. You don’t want to run out of words to say and thereby making a fool of yourself. You want to appear confident and attractive, and you want the girl to eventually like you. Bear in mind that your looks are not a prerequisite for a girl to talk to you. In other words, you can be gorgeous and sexy looking, and still sound stupid when talking to a girl. Most girls don’t give too much attention to your looks; they are mesmerized when talking to someone interesting. Luckily, here are some tips to help you gain more confidence and thus become comfortable when having a conversation with girls.

Most guys believe that the reason they become tongue tied when having a conversation with a girl is lack of topic. This isn’t true. A few factors are responsible for a guy running out of what to talk to a girl about, and the major factor is lack of confidence. First, you must overcome your insecurities and fears. Perhaps, one of these describes you when you want to talk to a girl:

– Fear of mockery

– Fear of rejection

– Fear of judgment

The most important key to talking to a girl is realizing your self worth. You must first love and respect yourself, if you want any girl to love and respect you. One way to raise your self confidence is to have the consciousness that any girl would be fortunate to be with you. Have you ever wondered why short and ugly looking guys do well with pretty girls? I will tell you why! They are confident and know they are the man. Having a high self worth for yourself is more important than looks to a girl.

Okay! Now let’s talk about things you can talk about with a girl you like so as to have a good conversation.


Her hobbies and interest is one area you need to concentrate on. Make it a point to find out what she engages in for pleasure and relaxation during her spare time. Knowing a girl’s hobby and interest will help to establish good conversation. However, this may seem impossible in cases whereby you just meant a girl for the first time and you need to talk to her. What you need to do is to say something like this, “you look like someone who loves singing.” Notice the way I said that. I didn’t say, “do you love singing?” I simply guess her hobby. She could reply with, “what makes you think I love singing?” or “yes, how did you know.” Now, whatever her reply is will give room for more conversation, instead of a simple yes or no answer.


If you are wondering what to talk to a girl about, then television is one way to get a huge scope for conversation. You can talk about reality shows, fashion, sports, news, lifestyles, and sitcoms. This will not only provide good conversation, but also help to know each others’ interests. Television provides you with a lot of things to talk about. In fact, television will make you never to be tongue tied when talking to a girl you like.


An important way to keep a conversation interesting is to say funny things. So, tell her stories about some funny things you did some time ago, and encourage her to talk about hers. Such conversation will help to build a strong connection between you two. Telling a story about yourself is a way of making her part of your personal life, and this will make her trust you and eventually become attracted to you.

These are only a handful of the things you can talk about with a girl you like. Sometime just looking around could give you so much idea on what to talk to a girl about. Yes, the things you see around you at the moment could strike a good conversation with a girl. However, most times what you say doesn’t really matter, but how you say what you say. You may be wondering, “Does that mean I can say something stupid?” Emphatically yes! But that doesn’t mean you should sound annoying. The most important thing is to enjoy saying what you say. If you are confident and enjoy saying what you say, it will be interesting to any girl listening to you.

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