My Husband Wants A Divorce Then Changed His Mind – He Suddenly Changed His Mind About Divorce

Sometimes, I hear from wives who are going through an emotional challenge in their marriage because of their husband, who changed his mind after he filed for divorce. Despite the fact that they are grateful that he changed his mind because divorce isn’t something they wanted at all and couldn’t do anything as he filed, but even though they are grateful, they often wonder why he changed his mind.

A wife who reached me said: “We have been fighting for months and even separated for a short time, my husband filed for divorce three weeks ago. I tried to delay him or make him change his mind, as well as suggesting counseling and negotiations. Everything I did prove abortive. I was shocked and I grieved when he filed for divorce. I was so concerned about my kids and for cutting short my future. For a week now, I have decided to accept it. I’m definitely still devastated but I came to a realization that I could practically do nothing about this situation. And the moment I began to accept it my husband came around and said that, for the time being, he has changed his mind about wanting to end the marriage. The first thing I said to him was why. And the reason he gave me was that I have done everything possible to talk him out of the divorce and now, he has decided to change his mind and stop all divorce process. The answer he gave me wasn’t straight as to what led to his change of heart. And because of this, I don’t trust it. I think his sudden change of mind is because he decided that a divorce will cost him too much money in child support. I can’t think of any other reason that would make him change his mind? My husband wants a divorce then changed his mind? He keeps changing his mind about our marriage?

There are several reasons that can lead to a man changing his mind about a divorce. And most times, it has nothing to do with the cost of a divorce. In the following article, I’ll talk about some of the possible reasons.

He May Have Just Changed His Mind: A lot of wives find this difficult to believe. But the moment he realizes the reality of this, that in a short time he won’t be living with you or his kids, he can begin to doubt about whether he’s making the right decision considering a divorce. Also, at times men who are thinking about divorce or who have filed for divorce have discussions with men who are already divorced. They may observe that those men who are already divorced seem unhappy and may even be lonely. Several men in a situation like this have told me that they went to a friend who was already divorced thinking that the friend will tell them how happy they are to be single, only for the friend to express how much he regrets divorcing his wife. 

Also, men can begin to reminisce about the early days of the marriage. They can begin to think back at the happy memories and as a result, many of them wish they could have this again. In a nutshell, many begin to think that divorce isn’t the answer and there is something worth fighting for.

In fact, a lot of men have a change of heart about the divorce because they are motivated by their family. Children have an important role they play. There can be an actual sense of losing all you have worked hard for or giving up on your dreams. This can lead to depression and sadness, so some men just decide to have a second thought about the whole thing.

What Should You Do If You Still Don’t Know Why He Changed His Mind About The Divorce:   Many wives who are in this situation hold back because they are scared of getting their heartbroken if their husband has a change of heart once again. They feel it will be even more painful if they raise their hopes up only for it to be shattered again. I quite understand this. But the thing is, to get a chance and hope you need to take a risk. This is a chance to get what you have always wanted – to save your marriage. You need to take a chance to avoid regrets in the future.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to be hurt. But you can take some precautions to avoid this from happening. You can take things slow and put less pressure on the situation. You can decide to go for counseling with your spouse. You can resolve the issue that led to the divorce initially. And you can rebuild a stronger marriage so that you’ll have no doubts that both of you wants to be in the marriage.

Therefore to answer your question, “my husband wants a divorce then changed his mind,” there are many reasons that can make a man change his mind about a divorce. And not all reasons are negative, some are rather positive. It’s understandable that many wives in this state of affairs are uncertain or doubtful. But if saving your marriage is what you really want, why not give this your all? In short, you now have another chance so why not try to make things work again? If things don’t work out as expected, you’ll be convinced that you gave this your best and you’ll be back to where you previously were, so you have nothing to lose in essence.

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