Does My Husband Miss Me During Separation – How Do I Know If My Husband Misses Me During Our Trial Separation

Does my husband miss me during separation? How do I know if my husband misses me during our trial.

During a trial separation, most wives are worried about if their husband misses them. After all, he isn’t talking about reconciliation. The wife feels that he would be more open to reconciliation if he’s actually missing her.  Most times, she misses him like crazy. And she really wants to tell him this. However, certain reason makes her hold back when something concerning him comes up. And every now and then she is scared to ask him his feelings because she doesn’t know if she would get a negative response.

For example, a wife might contact me saying: “I miss my husband so much that it can’t be expressed by words. We separated three weeks ago. But, this isn’t something I wanted to happen at all. He says he needed space and time to think about his life and how to move forward. I told him he was going through a mid-life crisis but he didn’t agree with me. All my husband talks about now is business. I do everything I can to be affectionate and tell him I miss him but he doesn’t reply or simply just change the topic. So, this discourages me. But, sometimes when we are together, he smiles and touches me. So, this leaves me confused. Sometimes, I almost ask him if he missed me. However, I can’t do it because I’m scared his response will be that he doesn’t miss me. Does my husband miss me during separation? How to know if your spouse misses you during separation?”

It’s quite difficult to know if your spouse misses you in a situation like this for the reason that some spouses (mostly men) conceal their feelings or give mixed signals. So, he might be receptive one day and distant another day. Or he may display so much closeness that you are confused about his true feelings at the time. However, there are some general behaviors to watch out for which I will let you know right now.

He’s At Least To Some Extent Receptive To You When You See Or Contact Him: Like I earlier said, he’ll sometimes keep his feelings close to his chest. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future. And, he’s aware that your eyes are on him so he’ll usually do everything possible to conceal these things to himself. However, often the expression on his face, body language and gesture will reveal so much about him. When you see each other in person and he first glances at your direction, does he smile or at least make eye contact? Does he make attempt to touch you even if it’s just touching your back? Does he constantly make eye contact and doesn’t look away? Him being interested to see you and vice versa indicates that he still wants to remain in the relationship.

Is He Concerned About What You Are Doing And At Least To Some Extent Lets You Know What He Is Doing?:   If he misses you, he’ll definitely want to know what you have been doing.  He might ask about your experience or even act jealous. And he’s likely to be open about what he’s doing, provided that you don’t nag him and as long as you ask in a calm tone. Also, it’s a good sign if he’s the one initiating contact with you. In contrast, if you’re the one always reaching out to him, it’s a bad sign. If this is the situation you’re in right now, then the best thing to do is to back off a little bit to see if he will make the first move.

Mixed Signals Can Sometimes Be An Indication That He Misses You:   More often than not, people assume the worst when they see bad behavior from their partner. They assume that he is staying away from them. They think that he’s acting negatively to push them away from him. But this isn’t always true. Sometimes, you’re simply seeing his frustration about being disappointed by his feelings, he might not be feeling the way he thought he’ll be. He may have probably assumed that he’ll feel better when separated, but he’s actually feeling worse. He may have hoped that he will be stronger emotionally. Your assumption might be that you’re seeing him angry with you, but he might be angry at himself.

Don’t feel depressed if you aren’t seeing a positive behavior at the moment. He may need more time and probably soon; he’ll be more at ease to be transparent. The best thing to do is to remain receptive and positive. Avoid nagging him about his feelings or attempting to make him have a guilty conscience if his behavior isn’t encouraging. This is the time when both of you are emotionally confused, so it’s normal for him to display conflicting emotions at this point in time. And for the fact that both of you have been together for long, there is no doubt that he misses you.

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